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We specialize in helping people retire to Normandy France. Make your pension go further and enjoy wonderful countryside and environment.
The concept is to rent not buy. Buying in France can be complex and a headache and a lot of commitment. Renting is much easier in fact if you live in a country in which rentals are premium you can rent off your own home and rent in France and the difference can enhance your pension.
If you own property in France you have to think of maintenance, repairs, breakdowns, emergencies and support. English is spoken but not as widely as you might think. 
We have a variety of homes available; Lathebaudiere, Torchamp 61330 and Riverie. Route de la Riverie, Hambye 50450. We also have other homes which we have chosen for the portfolio. These we consider are suitable for retired people. You Definitely need a car in Normandy as bus and taxi services are not in abundance. All our homes are set in the countryside, in or near villages and within driving distance of main towns.  
Our homes are partly furnished and we take care of all the utilities which means you can come and enjoy France without the hassle of ownership. We offer long term rentals for retired people who have an interest in France, interest in the countryside, wildlife and gardening.  
We selected the properties for natural beauty, tranquillity and natural habitat, with zero pollution, zero light and noise except the birds and wildlife. Crime in Normandy is extremely low and in Orne and Manche even lower. You feel safe. 
Each house is cheap to run and uses large log burners and local oak so even in the winter its nice a warm. Each house has a garden and grass. We maintain the communal areas but most residents do gardening and help keep the place looking pretty. All the gardens are well stocked with shrubs and trees. 
We select residents as much as they select us in that we look for rounded people that want to live a French lifestyle, getting on with enjoying their retirement and have neighbours close by but not in each others pockets. Most of the people who live in our villages have their own lifestyles but its nice to know someone is around when you need someone. 
France is not like Spain whereby you have little England's everywhere. Most people who come to France come because they love the lifestyle and countryside. 

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