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We specialize in helping people live in Normandy France. We have over 25 years experience of living and working in France.
We have two complexes set in a rural area of Manche and Orne in the beautiful countryside of Normandy.
Our villages are made of up renovated stone properties dating back to 1641 and are a community of Francophiles. Both villages are close to market towns for shopping and banking. 
Whilst we call it retirement village you don't need to be retired in fact you can work full time from home and that is fine. We cater for people over a certain age who are established in life and have income available to meet the criteria of living in France. 
The concept is to rent not buy. Buying in France can be complex and a headache and a lot of commitment. Renting is much easier in fact if you live in a country in which rentals are premium you can rent off your own home and rent in France and the difference can enhance your income.
If you own property in France you have to think of maintenance, repairs, breakdowns, emergencies and support. English is spoken but not as widely as you might think.
The only negative i can think of about living in France in comparison to other countries i have lived in is customer service. The French are not like the US, UK, Germany or Holland when it comes to customer service and care and the words; going the extra mile don't exist in the French dictionary. In fact they seem to at times positively go against offering the most basic of service and its as though they are doing you a favour by even speaking to you. They stick to their jobs, never do anything above their pay grade. There is no sense of urgency and the do not understand the word customer champion. So owning a house and getting things done can be time consuming, expensive and repetitive and you do all the work. God help you if you haven't filled in the correct form, The French love their forms. even talking to French friends they would agree.  Oh and tradesmen are rare are always fully booked up and never come out for an emergency as we know it. charge a lot well but do a good job when they are there
Life is very short; On average we live 80 years. 25% is spent in growing up and getting educated. Over 50% is spent working an the last 20 to 25% is spent not working. IN reality many people are working from 20 to 65 which is the majority of your life. Secondly people often live near to work and in suburbia raising children and existing in the rat race. Some are lucky and enjoy their work but over 73% of people do not like the work they do but do it for the money. Living in Suburbia brings all the trappings of city life, pollution, crime and stress. 
Imagine working in the countryside and stepping out in clear air and peace every day. Each night seeing the milky way in its entirety  with no light pollution. 
Retirement is a myth really as most people do not really want to retire. Most people would love to do a flexible job and be their own boss. start and stop as they want and work at their own pace. To achieve this Utopia requires a lot of planning and far earlier in the career path than most people appreciate. 
We have a variety of homes available;
We selected the properties for natural beauty, tranquillity and natural habitat, with zero pollution, zero light and noise except the birds and wildlife. Crime in Normandy is extremely low and in Orne and Manche even lower. You feel safe. 
Our homes are partly furnished and we take care of all the utilities which means you can come and enjoy France without the hassle of ownership.
The types of people who would love our village setting are people who have an interest in France, interest in the countryside, wildlife and gardening.  We select residents as much as they select us in that we look for rounded people that want to live a French lifestyle, getting on with enjoying a different lifestyle and have neighbours close by but not in each others pockets. Most of the people who live in our villages have their own lifestyles but its nice to know someone is around when you need someone. 
Each house is cheap to run and uses large log burners and local oak so even in the winter its nice a warm. Each house has a garden and grass. We maintain the communal areas but most residents do gardening and help keep the place looking pretty. All the gardens are well stocked with shrubs and trees. 

LaThebaudiere, Torchamp 61330 Orne;

In the content heading above you can se the drop down menu containing all the houses. Each house is described. All the houses have gardens and parking and are fully renovated, insulated and double glazed.
In LaThebaudiere the houses date back to 1641 and the original village as buzzing with the poire and apple growing industry. Relics can still be seen from this period. There is a lake , valley and open countryside.
Our neighbours today are dairy farmers and you can obtain milk and eggs. They are very friendly and always happy to chat and supply logs for the fire. They farm Normandy cows which are very calm and happy. You can hear classical music played in the sheds from time to time. 
Riverie. Route de la Riverie, Hambye 50450;
In the content heading drop down menu you will see a variety of houses. Dating back to 1790 all the houses have been fully renovated and have gardens and parking.
Riverie is in a super location 12 minutes from the beach and 15 minutes from the market town of Brehal where the fish market comes 3 times a week. We are 25 minutes from Granville with its 3 Michelin star restaurants. You can walk around the dock watching the local fishermen land their catch. Riverie is close to Hambye and the famous Hambye Abbeye. 
Getting around Normandy;
You Definitely need a car in Normandy as bus and taxi services are not in abundance. All our homes are set in the countryside, in or near villages and within driving distance of main towns.  The roads in Normandy are empty, you will love driving in Normandy France. But you do need to get used to the French as they love to drive attached to your rear bumper and don't think this dangerous.
Closing at Lunchtime;
Yes, many businesses do close for lunch and it everyone seems to stop for the "Plat de Jour" 3 course lunch. But why not from a health point of view it is far better to eat your main meal at lunchtime rather than evening. Wild nights or not as the case might be; The French are not big late nighter's in Normandy and some towns look abandoned after 10pm and usually there is life Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 
Normandy is full of History; William of Normandy who became King William the first of the UK in the 10th century. William had  a castle in Domfront and is associated with the famous Bayeux tapestry Fast forward to WW2 and The D-Day beaches landing on the 6th June which is celebrated every year. Both Villages are just over an hour away from the Normandy Beaches. 

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