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La Riverie

La Riverie is ideal for people love France and want to be close to the sea. Our strategy is to take away the hassle of owning your own home and managing bills and repairs and upkeep. Also the language barrier need not be a problem.

We have people from all over the world staying in the village and we have helped them make the journey to a wonderful life. Normandy and the Cherbourg peninsula is a wonderful place with roving hills and lots of rivers, streams and forests. Driving in France in like driving 40 years ago with little of no traffic along the way.​​

Shopping is not a rush and locals will stand and chat with check out staff. In Normandy shops still close in the afternoon and never open on a Sunday, except for the boulongerie’s and supermarkets.

Retirement Villages France

We created the village atmosphere to allow people to have a sense of a community and belonging but without people living in each other’s pockets. Isolation doesn’t suite everyone.

All houses have their own gardens and we often stock these twice a year with new plants. La Riverie is 2 klm from Hambye, 5 klm from Gavray and 15klm from Granville. We are 12 minutes from the beaches at Brehal.

This area is famous for its fish markets and restaurants. Each town holds market on different days, and you will find not only fresh fish, so fresh its still moves, but an array of local farm produce.

La Riverie dates back to 1780 and sits on the outskirts of the famous Hambye village. Famous for the Abbey de Hambye;

La Riverie is a sunny and quiet hamlet with a mixture of rendered and stone buildings. The farm was a dairy farm up until 15 years ago.

The complex has been divided into discrete houses, each different in character and all playing their part in the hamlet.

Riverie is ideal for people who love the countryside but also love the sea. The peace and tranquillity of Riverie is excellent and the empty beaches is wonderful to see.

Riverie is perfectly placed to visit lots of attractions such as Mont Saint Michel which is 35 mins away. The Normandy beaches and Bayeux are 40 minutes away.

Our properties are part furnished mainly bedroom furniture. They are fully renovated, insulated and double glazed. Each house has a log burner to make the place toasty warm. Logs are cheap and delivered to your door. we have zero noise, light and smell pollution and the crime rate is practically none existent.

We have 5 houses in the Riverie site and you can click on the Riverie button at the top of the page and a drop down will appear with each individual house, click on the house and all the details will appear.

The total site is 10 acres of countryside and only 12 minutes from the beach.