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How The Scheme Works

Retirement Villages France

About Our Service

The Contract

The contract is a standard lease called a bail in France. It runs for 12 months and then continues until either party gives notice to quit. The notice period is 2 months.

Rental payment and what's included

The rental payment is paid each month which increases by inflation each year but our aim is to keep costs as low as we can. All the utilities are taken care of; there is a charge for water and septic tank system, local taxes, House maintenance, general village communal area maintenance. Broadband is available but it can be quite patchy in Normandy so we recommend residents purchase their own 4G package. Electricity is provided by EDF on a digital meter and paid monthly with the rental payment.

Rental Payment

Rental payments vary depending on the property but they start at 500 euros per calendar month.

Security Deposit

The security deposit is 600 euros refundable when the person leaves and the house is left in a state similar to that when they occupied the property.

Part Furnished

The houses are part furnished; usually wardrobes, possibly beds, occasional furniture. sideboards or dressers. We are happy to be flexible and move a few items around if we can. We prefer not to do cookers, washing machines, fridge freezers, TVs etc.

The types of homes to rent

Each house is designed for the older generation and offers simplistic living with low costs rents and low cost running. Each house has a garden and parking. Most houses are kitchen-diners, lounge, some are 2 or 3 bedrooms. All the houses have been fully renovated and insulated.

The type of people who would love to live in Normandy

People need to be financially independent and can support themselves meeting the French rules on moving to France. You really need to be a Francophile who loves the French way of life. You may be a remote worker and could effectively live anywhere in the world. If you love country lifestyle then our villages are for you. People who love the countryside and nature. We encourage gardeners and people who love to live in zero light, noise and smell pollution.

Our Service

We work hard to look after everyone’s needs and encourage people to make it their homes. If there are any issues or problems we are always happy to try and help. French tradesmen take for ever and a day to do anything and the word emergency is only used by the fire service and police and then that’s usually after meeting and greeting everyone, shaking hands, kissing and getting the paperwork in order first. We have a support team of tradesmen who we use and trust to do a good job, but life is a slower pace In Normandy for sure.

Securing a property

To secure a property requires a non-refundable deposit to be placed and upon receipt a contract is signed.


Renting a property can take between 1 to 6 months depending on the clients documentation. Non EU citizens need to apply for a visa or residency. Its easier to apply for a visa for one year and after that apply for residency. You can come to France for 90 days but then you cannot return for 180 days. So you could come to France and apply for the visa whilst you are here but the French don’t rush. We always recommend to people to come and visit before deciding or at least do their research of the area. such as using google maps and studying the YouTube videos about living in France. The last thing we want is for people to romanticise about living in France and when they get here find its not really what they thought.

Our support team

To support our villages we have a team of specialists who come from a range of backgrounds supporting the day to day management of the sites. We have a administration team who manage contracts and payments. We have a property manager who is responsible for day to day management of the sites. We have a group of associates tradespeople who we have worked with for many years and can rely on their craftsmanship.