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What we do

We specialize in helping people live a better quality of life in Normandy France. We have over 25 years experience of living and working in France. We have two complexes set in a semi rural areas of Manche and Orne in the beautiful countryside of Normandy. All of our houses are renovated stone properties dating back as far as1641. Both villages are a few kilometres from market towns for shopping and banking.

Retirement Villages France

About Our Service

Lifestyle villages

Our Lifestyle villages are designed for mature people who love France and enjoy countryside living. You don’t need to be retired in fact you can work full time from home and that is fine. We cater for people over a certain age who are established in life and have income available to meet the criteria of living in France.

Buying in France

Buying in France can be complex and a headache and a lot of commitment. Renting is much easier in fact if you live in a country in which rentals are premium you can rent off your own home and rent in France and the difference can enhance your income.

If you own property in France you have to think of maintenance, repairs, breakdowns, emergencies and support. English is spoken but not as widely as you might think. The house prices in France rarely increase more than 2% to 3% per year so investing lots of money into renovations could mean you fail to get a return on your investment when you come to sell this is also supported by the fact that on average ex-pats live in France 8 years

Carefully selected properties

We selected the properties for natural beauty, tranquillity and natural habitat, with zero pollution, zero light and noise except the birds and wildlife. Crime in Normandy is extremely low and there is a sense of security.

Our homes are partly furnished , mainly bedroom furniture and we take care of all the utilities which means you can come and enjoy France without the hassle of ownership.

Our support team

To support our villages we have a team of specialists who come from a range of backgrounds supporting the day to day management of the sites. We have a administration team who manage contracts and payments. We have a property manager who is responsible for day to day management of the sites. We have a group of associates tradespeople who we have worked with for many years and can rely on their craftsmanship.